Kotori Live Wallpaper 1.6.6

Source:Tobias Westergaard Kjeldsen

Kotori... a living creature on your wallpaper!

!! INFO !!
Text-message, call and email permissions are needed by Kotori in order to give you notices of changes... without them Kotori would not be able to help your with notifications ;)

Take time to read instructions here, or when installed (click app icon). You need to take good care of your Kotori! ;)

If you love Tamagotchi's, or the idea behind caring for a virtual pet, you'll definitely love Kotori! Kotori is a dynamic experience with lots of depth and unlike many other live wallpapers.

Kotori will:
*Age like a creature
*Sleep when needed
*Need food; you need to feed Kotori with icons
*Need a bath regularly
*Poo; you need to clean it up
*Talk to you
*Notify you on email, text messages, missed calls and others things
*Gain strength when flying (tap the clouds)
*Gain extra strength when your phone is charging
*Better strength; fly higher
*Get a house at 3 days of age
*Further upgrades to house as Kotori ages
*Dynamic world; rain, sun/moon day/night according to real world time.
*Blossoming flowers; dynamically growing flowers that will evolve, age and eventually die. Rain results in faster growth. Spawn is random, so look out for shoots ;)

Who and what is Kotori? Kotori is Japanese for "little bird". Kotori is a creature living on your wallpaper; also when your phone is sleeping. Kotori will sleep, eat, talk, and age -- it is your job to keep Kotori well-fed and healthy. The scenery itself will also change depending on the time of the day. Kotori will also help you; Kotori will let you know if you have a new text message, email, missed call or notice if your device is low on battery. All artwork is authentically hand-drawn on paper with the use of a graphite pencil!

Faq / Usage:
Your Kotori will age -- this you can't change. The things you can change are your Kotori's health and mood. Your Kotori's strength you can train by tapping in the clouds, this will stimulate your Kotori to enter flight. Sometimes Kotori will also spontaneously engage flight if Kotori wants that. Kotori will gain strength by doing this and be able to fly higher in the sky. Strength will also be gained when your phone is charging. Your Kotori's mood is maintained by feeding Kotori well. You can feed your Kotori by dropping icons on him. Remember that Kotori will consume more food when flying. Kotori will normally sleep every 5 hours or so. Who knows what a great mood and age will mean? You will also need to bath your Kotori regularly -- when your Kotori raises his smelly feet then tap Kotori and your Kotori will engage a bathing session -- bath rougly every 2 days. Also, remember to clean up poo, yes, poo. Tap poo to clean it up. In case of death, if you do not feed you Kotori well, a new Kotori will spawn with clean stats. You can turn the possibility of death off in wallpaper settings if you do not want to risk this. For Gmail notifications enter gmail address in wallpaper settings. Furthermore your Kotori will be get a house when it reaches 3 days of age. This house will get further upgrades as Kotori ages.

More features are still being added! Have an idea? Request it by sending an email!

Upcoming additions;
Other animals!
Write to me with ideas!

Kotori uses a MINIMAL amount of CPU cycles -- saving your phone's precious battery.

Please rate and comment! Please send me a personal email if you have any problems, instead of just giving 1 star ;)

!! Some stock launcher have problems with certain events, thus making it impossble to feed Kotori. Install "ADW Launcher" or "Launcher Pro" if you have problems. Write to me with details. !!

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